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GroupMeeting DayTimeChildcareView Map
Alex Harvey & Yohan Perera - SUB30 GuysWednesday7:30 PMUnavailable
Harvey, Alex & Gargas, AshleyMonday7:00 PMUnavailable
Aprim, Millie - Single Mom'sTuesday7:00 PMAvailable
Rivera, HectorWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Peter, Steve & RuthSunday6:00 PMUnavailable
Long, Dan & DebWednesday7:00 PMAvailable
Smith, Carrie - Stay at Home Mom'sTuesday9:30 AMCall For Details
Krohn, Brad & ChericeFriday7:00 PMAvailable
Squitieri, Joe - 813-681-4378Wednesday7:30 PMUnavailable
Squitieri, Joe & NancyWednesday7:15 PMAvailable
Wilkinson, Teresa - LADIES GROUPWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Ingram, Fred & DeannaWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Martinez, Gil & Mary JoWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Elliot, Aalan & RaquelWednesday7:30 PMAvailable
Middle School Guys - HamWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Thomas, Darren & ChristinaSaturday7:00 PMUnavailable
Wheeler, Joe & BerniceFriday6:30 PMAvailable
Middle School Guys - Picton/RiosWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Torres, Roberto & Janice - 813-997-7066Thursday7:00 PMUnavailable
Greene, John &TheresaWednesday7:30 PMUnavailable
Batchelor, Greg & CindySunday7:30 PMUnavailable
Quick, Jim & RhondaMonday7:00 PMUnavailable
White, Chris & LauraWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Hector, Kevin & TraceyThursday7:00 PMUnavailable
Farmer, Michael & TeresaWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Jenkins, Barbara & Burgess, BurnadetteWednesday12:00 AMUnavailable
Miller, KariSaturday10:30 AMUnavailable
Andis, Bob &TammyWednesday7:00 PMCall For Details
Baranowski, Nate & JillWednesday7:30 PMUnavailable
Richardson, Jon & NicoleWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Alves, VanessaMonday7:00 PMCall For Details
Funchess, Khary & IreneFriday7:00 PMUnavailable
Cox, Mark & MelodyTuesday7:30 PMUnavailable
Ham, Derrick & LatriceFriday7:00 PMUnavailable
Middle School Girls - HamWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Middle School Guys - SantosWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Hewett, Rick & JulieFriday6:30 PMAvailable
Littlejohn, Tony & CharlotteFriday7:00 PMAvailable
Middle School Girls - Nazario/DumasWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Messenger, Bryan & TabithaThursday7:00 PMAvailable
Gravatt, David & Jaime - 813-360-3713Thursday7:00 PMUnavailable
Hall, Aaron & JamieThursday7:00 PMUnavailable
Olivero, Maite - (813) 541-9426Friday7:00 PMUnavailable
Balaban, Joel & LaurenTuesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Harrington, Mike & JeannieWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Gilford, Will & YessicaTuesday6:00 PMAvailable
Sadler, Michael & Cheryl +55Wednesday12:00 AMUnavailable
Mawhinney, JeffreyThursday7:00 PMCall For Details
Brock, Wayne & KathyTuesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Kloter, Darryl & SandyWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Lamberti, John & EvieWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable
Vespa, Tony & LauraThursday7:00 PMCall For Details
Hardy, Steve & CarolWednesday7:00 PMUnavailable